Michel Serres app now available on Google Play

I’ve written a little app to aggregate information from around the web (news, Twitter, Youtube, Google Scholar, Google Trends…) on Michel Serres. It’s nothing flash but it allows me quickly to scan various sources to see if there’s anything new on Serres, without having manually to visit plural URLs. It is free to download from the Google Play store.

Google play Serres screenshot

Get it on Google Play

Here’s the blurb:

This simple app brings together the latest news about French philosopher Michel Serres from around the web, along with an online introduction to his thought.

You can browse:

  • the latest news stories to mention Michel Serres
  • the latest tweets featuring the hashtag #MichelSerres
  • the latest youtube videos of Michel Serres
  • the latest Google Scholar citations for Michel Serres
  • the latest Serres-related activity on wordpress.com
  • a Google Trends graph plotting recent web activity for Serres against activity for other
  • living French philosophers: Alain Badiou, Catherine Malabou, Jean-Luc Nancy and
  • Bernard Stiegler

In addition, the app also gives you direct access to:

  • Serres’s amazon.com author page
  • his wikipedia page
  • and an introduction to Serres’s thought available online

Michel Serres has written over 70 books but his important work is still relatively unknown in the English-speaking world, despite being foundational to posthumanism and ecophilosophy and decisive in its contributions to object oriented thought and the new materialisms. If this app can introduce just a few people to Serres’s rich and fecund thought, it will have done its job.
This first release is pretty basic, but I hope to add extra features as time goes by.