New Accumulator Test for Excel-based Vocabulary Learning Tool

I have added a new “Accumulator” test to Vocab Book, the Excel-based vocabulary learning tool I wrote last year. The new test simulates a tried and tested learning method: Imagine a vocab book in two columns with English words or phrases on the left and their target language translations on the right. At school I used to learn vocabulary by covering up one of the columns with a folded piece of paper and revealing each word in turn, putting a mark by the vocab item if I couldn’t remember its translation or if I guessed it incorrectly. The new test simulates that good old method, with the added feature that it remembers how many times you have guessed each word or phrase incorrectly (which is why I decided to call the test “Accumulator”) and allows you to sort the list so that the items you keep getting wrong rise to the top.

Accumulator 1

You can purchase Vocab Book securely through PayPal (it’s $5 Australian) by following this link. If you aren’t sure whether to take the plunge and spend a whole $5 on Vocab Book, you might want to download and try Vocab Book Lite, a limited version with only three built-in tests and no facility to create an Mp3 or printed book of your vocab list. You’ll also be reassured to know that I’m happy to provide a no quibbles 14-day refund to anyone who purchases Vocab Book only to find it doesn’t work on their machine.

For fuller information on Vocab Book, along with its sister workbooks Memorise It and Revision Aid, see here.

Free new Excel-based memorisation aid and self-tester

As a spin-off from Vocab Book I have written a memorisation aid called Memorise It. Here is the blurb:

Memorise It is a free Excel-based memory tool that helps you to remember facts, poetry, lines for a play, or any other text you need to commit to memory. Test yourself on your memory texts in three ways:  multiple choice, question and answer, and cloze (fill in the gaps).

Screenshot Memorise It

Here are the demonstration videos:

Quick start guide:

Cloze test:

Multiple Choice test:

Multiple choice backwards:

Q and A backwards:

Here is the link to download the latest version. I’m reasonably confident it is stable in Windows 7 and 8 running Excel 2010 or 2013. I haven’t tested it on a mac yet. If you’re using Excel 2013 the cloze test takes a while to initiate, but if you wait it will eventually crunch the numbers and hand you back control.