De omni re scibili: Kevin Hart

Kevin HartA piece I prepared for a symposium on Kevin Hart at last year’s Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy has just been published in Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical PhilosophyThe piece is entitled ‘De omni re scibili‘ and deals in part with a distinction between two contrasting paradigms of interdisciplinarity (in this context, between philosophy and theology) that I call the topographical and the aspectual approaches. Kevin was very gracious, both in his interactions at the conference and subsequently, and it was a real pleasure to engage with his work.

I am currently developing further the distinction between the topographical and aspectual approaches in relation to various understandings of the human being in neuroscience (Changeux/Ricoeur and Malabou), the imago dei, and narrative, for the book on humanity I am working on this southern hemisphere summer. The book is provisionally entitled Humanity After God (with all the ambiguity of ‘after’).